Nathan James Media

Graphic Designer

Dan thrives on challenges and is always eager to learn and grow. We are passionate about branding, creating logos, and developing layouts within Graphic Design. We are also passionate about photography and illustration.

Dedicated and hardworking

Our work with brands has created success for startups and established businesses alike, from telling your story to improving your strategy.

Our knowledge and expertise in branding and marketing can help you gain exposure, reach new markets, and increase sales. With us, you will always be ahead of the curve!


We can help you strengthen your brand by planning, designing and implementing corporate identity guidelines across all your marketing materials and channels.

Flyer design

We take a big picture approach to your marketing assets, so they become marketing assets that look great, communicate properly, and have relevant call-to-actions.

Packaging design

Our knowledge and experience help us design bespoke outcomes specifically tailored to the brand and product.

Logo design

Logos must be able to stand alone and still convey the brand values. We achieve this by creating unique designs based on the values it has to represent.

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Would you be interested in working together on a project? Feel free to contact me directly by e-mail or telephone.